Smiles all round for £25,000 pledge winners!

Press Releases / December 2020

Recipients of estate agency firm, Baker Wynne & Wilson’s incredible £25,000 community pledge campaign, which has been running throughout 2017, have been left with huge smiles on their faces as the Nantwich-based company helps make their dreams a reality.

Headed up by John Baker and Simon Morgan-Wynne, the business has sold in excess of 3600 houses over the years. As such, the founders felt strongly about celebrating 25 years in business by giving back to the community and launching a £25,000 community pledge, inviting organisations and charities from throughout the region to apply for funding for their worthwhile causes.

Supporting a wide and varied network of charities and organisations throughout Nantwich and surrounding areas, beneficiaries of Baker Wynne & Wilson’s exceptional generosity are already putting the money to good use.

From canoes for the 38th South West Cheshire Scouts and delightful woodland wildflowers that will improve the Nantwich riverside for ‘Green Spaces South Cheshire’, to sponsorship of the Betley Spartans Football Club and much needed donations to the Nantwich Food Bank. Over 24 organisations were rewarded with financial contributions towards much needed equipment and support.

John Baker of Baker Wynne & Wilson, comments: “It is truly thrilling to finally see the whole process take shape and to be able to reward those that are doing such great things for the communities of Nantwich and surrounding areas. Groups that have been cemented in society for generations, like Cub and Scout groups and local football teams, are in many ways just taken for granted, however, the hours of volunteer time that is put into them, as well as the money raised to provide basic equipment, is just taken for granted.

“It has been an honour to meet the beneficiaries and fully appreciate the work that they are doing. The money that we have provided seems like a drop in the ocean when we have been getting out to meet them, but everyone has been so grateful and put a great deal of thought into how and where they are spending the money. These projects are not only for the good of their individual organisations but the community as a whole.”

A major theme throughout the applications was getting communities out and about, with a strong focus on supporting community groups that want to carry out fun activities in an environment that they can relax and enjoy. Key examples here included support for Riding for the Disabled, sports associations, such as The Wingate Special Children’s Trust and music and performance groups such as the Nantwich Concert Band and The Funky Choir.

With health, safety and security also at the forefront of many of these community group pledges, those such as Wistaston Memorial Hall & Community are providing much needed equipment, such as a new defibrillator. Home-Start Central & West Cheshire is another great example, with their funding providing intensive support to a family in need in Nantwich.

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